Even Models Play Video Games

Online Video Gamer Models

This might never cross your mind but have you ever wondered that many models may actually be very interested in gaming? I know it sounds outrageous but listen to me, it happens and it happens quite a lot to be honest, seeing models playing games and some of them stream the whole things in sites like twitch while they do it for everyone to see, it’s kinda funny really to be able to witness all this as it happens in most cases.

Modeling like Gina Gerson

So which models play video games?

Glad you asked, I will present you with 3 models that are currently playing video games on their daily basis, obviously while they work and what not is rather hard to do so but when they get their free time and are at home they do enjoy playing something online, maybe not something like CoD but they do enjoy some League of Legends, World of Warcraft and most certainly some Minecraft all along.

1. You may remember her from the photoshoots with the RT magazine and her most amazing Angelica Ebbi videos that you can find all over the web however I listed a website that has her best content ever created at the hands of the public to see and to get the full experience of her work.

2. Is the reknown Paula Shy that has definitely left us in awe because we had no idea at all that she was into video games at all, but who would have thought??? She is in fact one of the best gamers out there.

3. Is the one and only Gina Gerson, she definitely has something going for her in her charm and personality and she’s very very hardcore when it comes to gaming, she’s been known for putting out countless hours in the front lines of battles in these games.


So there you go, the moreyouknow.jpg models do play video games! Enjoy!

World of Warcraft is an entire universe on its own

How to  improve in World of Warcraft?

Farm Last Hit well is important and can really affect how you perform within the later stages of the game. Mechanical skills are a must in order to maintain an advantage in the lane and win it. Warding and stay aware of the map. You need to focus about what is happening on the map and choose the right time for you go aggressive and attack your enemy and RIEF over time. Knowing what you’re doing and play smart.   Why I made this guide?

Having accumulated hundreds of hours (probably more than one thousand) playing this video game considering that the beginning of S2, some time ago I needed “to be pro” a bit and attempt to enter into ranked My So I could push my LoL’s Ranking Division and stop playing with the worst players ever around for once and for all. The only method to learn was following the best. Do not just look at the map for ganks. We must also take note for the lanes. Surely you have got spent many times, that suddenly there are 4 people in bottom (for whatever reason) while subjects bust tower top. If someone had looked during the map on time, you may have pointed out for someone to climb the tower to protect. ! If you win and you’re losing, it is always a great solution to do Baron.

How this is very similar to League of Legends?

Baron can determine and work out a difference in a group fight. As you’re losing do not lose anything with Baron. Now if you are also gaining serves to make certain a win, so you can just take baron and GG. For the best RBG Boost & Arena Carry services there’s no other site like Elitist-gaming.com offering you a legitimate service. 3 – Team. World of Warcraft 4 person play more and therefore you must ensure that it it is in your mind most of the time. Notify the misses, cover your mate online, replace another line if required, support the jungler, and it does, if any. It is all for one and another for all. Balance last hit and harass: To focus regarding the last hit you need to be conscious of the lives of enemy subjects. But to harass efficiently is necessary to glance at the lives of allied subjects. When an allied minion is low on life, the enemy will try to last hit and that is when you attack him. Due to the fact enemy would be attacking the topic and should not attack you.     However when you complete the first phase of this game and individuals begin to move between streets is not so clear who should ward which is why you should just get a hold of some euw or eune accounts in lol and learn multiple champions and everything without hurting your own rating and elo. The absolute most balanced is to follow these three guidelines: – The support should place most wards (approximately 70%). – in WoW The jungler should also place some wards. Especially familiar with control the neutral monsters in the jungle (the jungle if you’d like to become more defensive, the enemy jungle if you wish to become more offensive). If you’re losing the farm. If you simply can’t farm too gank or go towards the jungle. Do not limit you to ultimately leave or stop trying the video game launched every two minutes.

crowd while elo boosting

This game is for men, weeping to play Call of Duty. Survey an excellent amount of damage. Another excellent resource for boosting your elo is definitely www.lol-boost-elo.com so make sure you are performing injury to your enemy and not taking any damage 100% free. This is the first step to winning the lane.